Monday, 24 February 2020

I recommend Daft Monkey's  YouTube channel, highly informative and  visually thorough
as he also produces the historical background of the locations across Greater Manchester.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

An  appeal: after seven horses escape the local charity, Pastures New, require help with their veterinary bills after a recent incident at the farm on Saturday 2 November 2019.The ex-racehorses escaped the equestrian facility in Littleborough, Lancashire, UK,  and as a result,suffered substantial injuries between them and will need ongoing care.
“I feel grateful for the help, and that no person was hurt. I know things could have been 100%worse" said Jacqui Taylor owner of Pastures New.  I can’t even consider what the bills are".
However, as I spoke to Jacqui, she stated that the veterinary bills are going to be in the region of £10, 000".
I met Jacqui recently as she outlined the incident which was also covered in the local press.The charity is already financially challenged with overheads,moreover, the cost of the veterinary bills could potentially close down Pastures New. Please pass this on , any amount how small will be welcome......Thank You.. contact

Saturday, 18 May 2019

 The gas works were built in 1824 and it became a Municipal works in 1843 unsure as yet when they closed down or were decommissioned will update later.

Map outlining location according to the Adshead map dated 1851